Dylan’s Appendicitis

About a week and a half ago, Dylan was admitted into the hospital, and within a few hours, diagnosed with appendicitis. He had his appendix taken out that same night and the following day he was sent home. The doctor told us that he’d be sore for a day or so but that within 2 days he should be back to his old self, but needed to take it easy for 6 weeks.

A week later, he was still in as bad shape as he was before he got it taken out. Fever, lack of appetite, very lethargic, and diarrhea. We took him back to the ER and the surgeon who did the work on him actually popped into the ER waiting room and checked on Dylan as he had seen his name on the list of incoming patients. Within 20 minutes or so, Dylan was getting his labs doneand before we knew it, he was back in a hospital bed.

Turns out he had an abscess which was treatable with antibiotics. Today, he’s back to his old self and it’s almost as if none of it ever happened. 

Through the course of this experience, I found myself affected in ways I did not expect.

I got very angry at the whole thing. Not at Dylan, but just in general. I found myself not crying or being emotional but wanting to scream and be mad because I was worried and concerned about him.

I found myself doubting my son when he wasn’t recovering and wondering if he was just faking it to get some extra attention. He’s a lot like me and tends to make things more worse than they really are just to get a bit of sympathy. It’s a trait I have worked on for a long time to try and get rid of, but I can definitely see it in him from time to time. But it wasn’t fake.

I found myself a bit of a mess trying to balance my work with him being in the hospital. But thankfully I work for an employer who allowed me to put my family first so I took the time off I needed and Dylan seems to have benefited from it.

As a parent, I’m feeling better about his situation now, but not so much about myself. I am feeling better in knowing that this time around, I was able to spot the things I was doing that I shouldn’t have and maybe that will help me next time.

So Proud He Made Me Cry

I don’t often write on here despite the fact I should. But yesterday I experienced what I think may have been the single most proud moment I have ever had with Dylan. Here’s a story about how he showed how much he truly loves his little sister Megan.

A couple of months ago, me and Tamara starting using gem jars to reward the kids. They both got a jar, and each time they did something good around the house, they got a gem. This could be things like putting their dishes away without being asked, keeping their room clean, making their bed, and just general other things around the house. Each gem is worth either 25 cents or 15 minutes of electronics time. They could then cash these in on the weekend for money for themselves to spend as they want, or for time on the iPad and Wii U. The system has been working really well.

A couple of weeks ago, Megan wanted to buy a special pack of Pokemon cards from Walmart but she didn’t have enough money. Long story short, I bought them for her and she paid me what she had and owed me the difference. As she’s been earning more gems, she’s been paying off her debt with me. She was down to 24 gems ($6) which she owed me.

During a ride in the car, she said she was sure that the Easter bunny was going to bring her Shopkins for Easter. Now, knowing he wasn’t, I asked her how sure she was that he’d be bringing them. She was sure and I asked her if she wanted to make a bet on this. I bet her $2 or 8 gems that there would be no Shopkins on Easter. Now knowing the EB as well as I do, I knew that if she took the bet, she’d be out that money but I thought it would be a good way to teach her about what can happen when you bet on things. After a few minutes of taking the bet, she decided she wanted to change her mind and make it Shopkins OR Pokemon. I did not agree to it. I said a bet is a bet but I would give her a chance to back out if she wanted to. She did, and cancelled the bet.

Later that day, she asked if I would bet her $1 that the EB would bring Shopkins or Pokemon. For that bet, I told her I would take it, but it had to be for $6 / 24 gems. I picked this amount on purpose because that was her balance that she owed me. I told her if she won, the balance would be paid and she could start earning money again. But if she lost, she’d double what she owes me. She thought long and hard about it but then took the bet. What she didn’t know was that the EB had got her Pokemon cards for Easter so she was going to win. But she didn’t know that yet asĀ Easter hadn’t come.

That evening, she stressed over this bet. She kept talking about it and even had a hard time sleeping that night because she was so stressed about whether or not she was going to owe me money. It wasn’t my intention to stress her out, and I knew she’d win, but it was something to see.

Sometime after 6am, she got and all I heard was “Did I win?” which told me she was still thinking about the bet.

Her and Dylan searched the house for eggs that the EB had left her and eventually me and Tamara got up. The Pokemon cards the EB had left her were hidden near the TV with some other eggs and they hadn’t found them yet. So from her perspective, she’d lost the bet but she wasn’t upset because she knew the EB hid stuff all over the house so she kept looking.

Then I saw the most amazing thing happen between a brother and a sister.

Dylan knew how worried and stressed Megan was about the bet, so when Megan wasn’t looking, he took one of his own Pokemon cards and put it on the table in her spot with her Easter stuff from the EB. He then yelled to Megan and told her he had found a card in her spot and that the EB must have left it for her. She was excited that she had won the bet and I had to turn my head because I started crying.

Here’s an 8 year old boy who knows his sister is stressed and upset over something and he didn’t even think twice about doing something like that for her. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen.

Later that day, I took him aside and told him how proud I was of him and even then the tears started to come.

When I see my kids doing things like this, it fills my heart with more joy than I can express and tells me that me and Tamara must be doing something right.

Another year gone by…

Like Megan’s site, this one hasn’t seen an update in over a year. A lot has happened…

My little man is growing up very quickly. He started grade 3 a few weeks ago and his teacher has already put him at a table with other kids for him to keep an eye on and keep them on the right track. It’s truly mind-blowing to see how he’s doing so well and is becoming such an amazing little man. It makes me more proud than I have ever been to see how well he’s doing.

He’s really into Mindcraft now. It’s the only thing he wants to play on my iPad and despite his not having it on the Wii U, he still talks about it a LOT. I really want to get him and Megan iPad’s for Christmas but Tamara still thinks it’s a bit too soon for that kind of thing. He’s gotten into the habit of getting up early in the morning to play on mine.

I’ve really been missing him and his sister while I’ve been traveling the last few weeks. I’m glad this window of travel will be over soon so me and the kids can have some good time together.

Summer Update, 2014

A quick little update on Super D

  • Passed grade 1 with flying colours. he’s looking forward to starting school in September
  • He turns 7 in a little over a month. Where the hell does the time go?
  • He started playing soccer (Megan as well) and seems to be really enjoying it despite the fact he has some pretty useless players on his team. Glad to see him not getting discouraged by it
  • He’s moved off Power Ranger’s and on to Pokemon now. I think I’d rather him be on Power Rangers
  • He’s made some new friends and has started going across the street to hang out with a kid who lives there. Nice to see him mingling with people in the neighbourhood.
  • Apparently a girl at the boys and girls club kissed him, on the lips. When we asked him about it, he got this funny grin and couldn’t stop smiling. It was super cute


My Temper, In My Child

I don’t write on here anywhere like I used to but today I feel the need to write something.

It seems Dylan has received my temper and combined it with his mother’s heavy emotions. In the course of the last two days, I’ve seen my son freak out and break into tears over things that should not matter.

It started yesterday when after having asked to spend some time with a friend he hasn’t seen much lately, it only took 10 minutes of his friend being here before Dylan starting yelling and then crying over something that apparently didn’t happen. I know kids can take things differently than parents do but it was a bit frustrating to see.

Add to that a couple of meltdowns today, and a meltdown of Megan’s yesterday, it’s been a rough weekend in parts with the kids. It all gets worse for me because when I see Dylan acting like this, it bothers me so much that I have to get up and walk away before I say something to him I am going to regret. I spent probably half an hour or so in the bedroom lying in bed trying not to hear him cry to his mom about something that was so over the top that it just boiled me. I get it. Kids lose it from time to time but sometimes the complete and total lack of logic behind the meltdowns is a bit much to take. Thankfully I have an awesome wife who helps me when this stuff happens.

I love him dearly but I definitely see the mix of myself and my wife in him during times like this. I’m just glad it’s not something that happens every day.

Super D Turns 6

As sad as this is, it’s been a whole year since I wrote anything about my little man on here. I really should find more time to write about him. Oh well. Here’s the latest.

He turned 6 and started grade 1. He’s doing good with his reading and writing. We had some concerns about his writing but a letter from his favorite Power Ranger Antonio about reading and writing seems to have helped. Ya, it’s a bit of a white lie but it really has helped him to want to do more writing.

We have him at the boys and girls club now which is awesome. He is doing so well there and you can really see the changes in him. He loves the people there and everyone there seems to love him too. Plus, he’s become quite the little chess player. Holy cow. I had no idea he was so good.

All in all, he’s doing real good.

Super D turns 5

Yesterday I spent the day with the family and celebrated Dylan’s 5th birthday. We visited his grandmother and took him to Magic Mountain. It was a good day.

He starts school tomorrow and for me, I’m not as nervous as I think Tamara is. I’m more excited for him as I can’t wait for him to start this new chapter of his life. He’ll be doing this now for the next 13 years and it’s pretty amazing to think that he’s grown this much so fast.

I will say though I was a bit disappointed with his birthday in some regards. I mean, he was more than happy. But it was just us. No friends, no family, not even his best friend or best cousin. Just the four of us spending it together. That’s not such a bad thing but for him, I felt a bit bad that he had none of his friends around. A lot of folks were either sick or just unavailable so it made for a smaller birthday. I felt a bit bad for him but the reality was, he didn’t care as he seemed to have a really good day. Guess it’s one of those things the parents feel that the kids don’t and in this case, I’m glad it’s that way.

It’s a new era and I am anxious to see how his first day goes.

Closing in on 5 years old

He’s going to be five years old in a month and a half. He starts kindergarten two days after his birthday. Where the hell has the time gone?

As he starts to get a bit older, I am seeing a LOT more of myself in him. It’s so funny to see his reactions to some things and how he acts because in a lot of ways, it’s like looking at myself. He’s emotional and does tend to take some things a bit too serious. but then he’ll turn around and be this funny and silly kid. So much like his father he is.

He’s a smart boy. He’s doing good with his counting and now his writing. He’s got his name cased but sometimes likes to write things right to left instead of the normal way. I think it’s just a kid thing but I’ll keep an eye on it. The boy can sure run and kick too.

I’ve tried to keep the TV and video games to a minimum but I think at some point he may end up with a video game system of some kind. Not because I want to plug him into it, but because a lot of his friends have them and we are starting to see a bit of the influence they have. I’ll control how much he plays them. I’d rather see him outside playing or doing other physical activities vs playing on a game console all day. I have heard other parents actually justify the use of video games as baby sitter and I abhor the idea. Kids need to play, not sit and stare.

He is going through a bit of a stage of missing dad. I’ve been traveling a lot for work so I am home a week then gone again. It’s hard on them but they will get used to it. Thankfully I am not gone on long trips very often. I do my best to make sure that when I am home, I give him as much attention as I can. I almost had to travel on the week of his birthday but thankfully that has been averted. The last thing I want to do is miss his birthday and his first days in school.

Dylan turns 4

It happened. My little man turned 4 a week ago today. Where the hell has the time gone?

Four years old for me is a bit of a milestone even though I know next year with him going to school, it will be even bigger. The reason I see four as a milestone is that four years old is the youngest I can actually remember being. I actually can remember being that age and playing with friends, living on 111Ave in Edmonton, going to the park, and heading off to school the following year.

Knowing that I can remember that far back, it puts things in a different light. Up until now, it’s been pretty easy to think that if something bad happens, or maybe I say or do something I’m not proud of with D, he won’t remember it because he’s so young. That phase has now officially passed. From this point on, I have to accept that memories made from here moving forward will now stick with him.

It’s not to say I do anything major or bad to my kids. I’m a good dad, but we all have days where our tempers are shorter and sometimes we snap, or we’re a little more grumpy than normal, and it’s that kind of stuff I don’t want the kids to focus on or remember. Thankfully, since these are few and far between, and the good stuff is FAR more abundant than anything not so good, so I think he’s in good hands to turn out well.

Next year at this time, he’ll have started school and it will indeed be an even larger milestone. Seems so far away but man, it certainly does go by fast.

Almost 4

My little man keeps getting older. What’s with that?

A few things of note with Dylan these days. He’s definitely the mellower of the two kids. He’s been a bit shy about being around certain strangers but he does eventually warm up to them. By strangers I mean people he hasn’t met before that I know (like friends of mine or Tamara’s).

He’s definitely not the most “tough” kid in the world. In fact, I think he’s more like me in that he’s kind of wimpy. It makes me a bit worried because I know where that got me when I was young but the reality is, I can only teach him to be the best he can and go from there. I know he will be fine.

He got stung by a wasp not long ago and now he’s a bit on a bug phobia thing. Kinda scared of getting stung but I have tried to explain to him that he just needs to be careful. Can’t say I blame him for being scared as bees and wasps freak me out too. Plus, he got stung by a wasp who ended up coming from a nest in Dylan’s castle that me and Tamara didn’t know was there. It is gone now, trust me.

Took him and Megan to Magic Mountain and they LOVE it. Haven’t had the chance to stay too long but we did buy season passes so we’ll be back as many times as we can during the year. They still love going to the beach. Dylan likes digging holes in the sand with me.

Took him to his first movie to see Cars 2 and although he loved it, I was not a fan of the movie’s content for a kid his age. It was James Bond in Cars format with guns and shooting and “killing”. Dylan ended up saying “I’m going to kill you” to one of his friends which we very quickly curbed and realized that it came from the movie. D didn’t know what he was saying so we made sure he knew that wasn’t something to be said. Definitely shows the influence of media on young kids. I’ll be more picky with the movies I take him to next time.

Lastly, he now likes to pretend he is Roscoe which is a robot from the Backyardigans. I don’t like the show but it is harmless and he loves it.